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Additional Information

Brief History

1998  3/05    Tried to make a prototype that displays MH messages in threads.
      3/10    Made a msgdb mechanism by elisp.
      3/26    IMAP and NNTP can be displayed in threads.
      4/13    Began to assemble thread display modules as elmo.
      5/01    Finished 0.1.0, initial version with many defects.
      6/12    I made a slip of the tongue and said I was writing elisp
              mailer supporting IMAP
      6/16    0.1.3 was announced at tm-ja, elisp ML.
      6/22    Thanks to Kitame-san, the mailing list started at northeye.org.
      7/01    Support for mm-backend (0.3.0).
      8/25    multi folder added (0.5.0).
      8/28    filter folder added (0.5.1).
      9/10    You can open/close threads (0.6.0).
      9/11    fldmgr by Murata-san made editing folders easy.
      9/18    lha folders added by Okunishi-san (0.6.3).
      9/24    Display of branches of threads (0.6.5).
      9/28    Compression folder supporting multiple archivers by Okunishi-san.
     10/28    Off-line operations (0.7.4).
     12/09    Becomes beta version.
     12/21    wl-expire by Murata-san.
1999  2/03    auto-refile by Tsumura-san.
      4/28    wl-template by Murata-san.
      5/18    Released 1.0.0 stable.
      7/05    Scoring by Murata-san (2.1.0).
      9/26    New plugged system by Murata-san (2.2.2).
     12/20    Support Modified UTF7.
2000  3/24    Released 1.1.0 stable.
      4/03    CVS development started.
      5/07    Thread restoration & Its speed up with Murata-san.
      6/12    Address completion with LDAP with Chiba-san & Goto-san.
      7/11    killed message feature.
      7/18    Use UIDL in POP3.
      9/12    biff feature with Satata-san & Yamaoka-san.
     10/17    expire-hide by Okada-san.
     11/08    Released 2.4.0 stable.
2001  7/04    Released 2.6.0 stable.
      8/21    wl-addrmgr by Kitamoto-san.

See `ChangeLog' for details.

The Name

According to a dictionary, Wanderlust has the meaning:

  n eager longing for or impulse towards travelling in distant lands
  [Ger, fr wandern to wander + lust desire, pleasure]

but I had no profound intention. (if farfetched, IMAP => you can read mail anywhere => desire to wander ?)

Elmo is the abbreviation of `Elisp Library for Message Orchestration'. At first I meant the red puppet in the Sesame Street, but you may associate it with Wandering => Drifting => Guidepost => St. Elmo's fire => elmo.

Code Names

Each versions has code names (they are almost jokes). Currently they are picked up alphabetically from the top 40 hits of U.S. Billboard magazines in 1980s.


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