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Byte-compile and install


Edit LISPDIR and EMACS in `Makefile'. Set the Emacs's command name to EMACS. Set package installation directory to LISPDIR. Then, please execute following commands.

% make
% make install

Destination directory is auto-probed if you leave LISPDIR in `Makefile' as is. (That is, leave it as `NONE')

If you are using an Emacs variant which does not merge specified directory to load-path (e.g. Mule 2.3 based on Emacs 19.28), then you will see the error message:

Cannot open load file: mime-setup

In this case, either add destination directories of custom, APEL, FLIM and SEMI to environmental variable @env{EMACSLOADPATH}, or define load-path in `WL-CFG' in extracted directory.

If you want to use BBDB, then the necessary modules are byte-compiled and installed when BBDB directory is added to load-path. See section bbdb.el.


Contents of the file `WL-CFG' is loaded under installation if a file with that name exists in extracted directory. You can use `WL-CFG' to configure load-path to extra packages such as SEMI if needed.

If you want to specify the install directory of Wanderlust related files, then set following variables in `WL-CFG'

A directory to install WL modules. This directory is relative directory from LISPDIR. WL modules include `wl*.el', `wl*.elc' files.
A directory to install ELMO modules. This directory is relative directory from LISPDIR. ELMO modules include `elmo*.el', `elmo*.elc' files.

Default value of WL_PREFIX and ELMO_PREFIX are `wl'.

If you want to install ELMO related files under a sub-directory such as "elmo" then add following to `WL-CFG':

(setq ELMO_PREFIX "elmo")

Install as a XEmacs package

It is possible to install Wanderlust as one of packages of XEmacs (21.0 or later). Configuration for autoload and icon-path in local `~/.emacs' files are no longer necessary, if you install Wanderlust as a package.

Follow the next example to install Wanderlust as an XEmacs package.

% vi Makefile
% make package
% make install-package

package directory is auto-probed, if SEMI is installed. (you can also specify it with PACKAGEDIR in `Makefile')

Run in place

If wl and elmo directories are defined in load-path, then byte-compilation and installation are not necessary to start Wanderlust. For example, if package is extracted in `~/work', Wanderlust can be invoked with following setting in `~/.emacs'.

(add-to-list 'load-path "~/work/wl-version/wl")
(add-to-list 'load-path "~/work/wl-version/elmo")


Manual is described in Info format. Please do following.

% make info
% make install-info

If you install Wanderlust as a XEmacs package, Info file is already installed too, so there are no need of these commands.

Manual directory is automatically detected. Of course, it can be configured by INFODIR in `Makefile'.

You can read manual at the following URL:


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