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Cache File

The messages which have to access via network (e.x. IMAP, NNTP folder) are cached as a local file. The cache file is saved under the directory `~/.elmo/cache'. To expire cache, type M-x elmo-cache-expire-by-size. The command deletes cache files to the specified size by the order of last accessed time.

Buffer Cache and Prefetching

The messages that are read are kept in the cache buffer. It is called `buffer cache'. The number of cache buffer is specified by wl-message-buffer-cache-size.

There are message prefetching mechanism in the Wanderlust that prefetches next message while you are reading.

You can control the message prefetching mechanism by these two variables.

The initial setting is t. In this case, prefetch messages in all folders. If it is a list of folder types, it specifies the folder types in which message prefetching is enabled. Following is an example (prefetch messages in nntp and imap4 folders)
(setq wl-message-buffer-prefetch-folder-type-list
      '(nntp imap4))
In this case, multi folder that contains localdir and imap4 prefetches only imap4 messages. This variable precedes the value of wl-message-buffer-prefetch-folder-list.
The initial setting is nil. A list of regexp of folders to enable message prefetching.

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