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Editing Folders

As described before, subscribed folder list is saved in `~/.folders' file. But you don't have to edit `~/.folders' directly. You can append, delete, edit folders from folder mode.

Usage (Tips)

Append Folder

m a appends new folder to the folder mode. m g appends new folder group. To append new folder to this group, firstly open it, then execute append command in the next line.

Edit Folder

You can cut folder by C-k, paste by C-y. Thus, you can change folder position as if you were editing a normal file.

Create Multi Folder.

  1. Type m q to clear wl-fldmgr-cut-entity-list.
  2. Cut folder by C-k or copy folder by M-c.
  3. Type m m, then you can create multi folder.

Delete Nickname, Filter

You can delete nickname or filter by putting ""(NULL) from the minibuffer while appending.

Append Folder to Empty Group

To append new folder to the empty folder group (after you create folder group by typing m g), firstly open it, then execute append command in the next line. If it is closed, folder is appended on the same level with the above folder group. It is difficult to explain by words so try it. In other words, appended position depends on the above folder group's open/close status.

Charset of the Folders File.

wl-mime-charset is used for saving wl-folders-file.

Create Filter

m f adds filter to the folder at the current cursor point. To create new filter folder and leave the current folder unchanged, copy it M-c, make filter m f and paste it C-y. Multiple filter can be specified while appending filter. If you put ""(NULL), filter is deleted.

Sort Folders

Sorting of the folders is executed by the function specified by wl-fldmgr-sort-function. The initial setting is wl-fldmgr-sort-standard, which sorts alphabetically. Sorting affects only on the current folder group. It does not affect on the child groups.

Hiding Folders in the Access Group

Usually, access group displays all children folders, but you can set some folders hidden. Following operations are only available on access group.

Command wl-fldmgr-unsubscribe (u) toggles the visibility (subscribe/unsubscribe) of the folder at current cursor point. Against this, wl-fldmgr-unsubscribe-region (U) hides folders in the specified region.

Note that wl-fldmgr-unsubscribe-region does not toggle while wl-fldmgr-unsubscribe toggles. These two commands accept prefix argument and if the argument has positive number, the unsubscribe it. If the prefix argument has negative value, folder becomes visible and if zero, folder visibility is toggled.

The other commands, wl-fldmgr-subscribe and wl-fldmgr-subscribe-region are also prepared (not binded to the key).

Moreover, if wl-fldmgr-cut or wl-fldmgr-cut-region is executed in the access group, they have a same effect with wl-fldmgr-unsubscribe and wl-fldmgr-unsubscribe-region. The difference is that cut commands deletes folders from the current buffer.

Operations in the Access Group

You can insert and delete folders in the access group like usual folder group. But insert and delete commands can be only available for the children folders of the access group and they only sets the subscribe status. In other words, insertion of the folder means subscribing, deletion means unsubscribing. (2)

To update the access group when children folders are inserted or deleted by other way (other than Wanderlust), open the access group by typing C-u RET. See section Selecting Folder.

The order of children folders of access group is saved after insertion/deletion/sorting. If you set wl-force-fetch-folders to non-nil or open access group by typing C-u RET, disappeared folders are deleted and newly created folders are inserted on the top of the access group.

Key bindings

Key bindings on the folder mode related to folder editing are shown below. All bindings starts with m, and primary commands are binded to one stroke key binding.

m a
Insert a folder. (wl-fldmgr-add)
m g
Create a folder group. (wl-fldmgr-make-group)
m A
Create an access group. (wl-fldmgr-make-access-group)
m d
Delete folder itself and msgdb. If the folder itself cannot be deleted like NNTP folder, only msgdb is deleted. (wl-fldmgr-delete)
m R
Change the name of folder or folder group. msgdb's path is also changed. (wl-fldmgr-rename)
m m
Create a multi folders in the cutlist (cut, copied folders). (wl-fldmgr-make-multi)
m f
Create a filter folder. (Put a filter on the folder). (wl-fldmgr-make-filter)
m c
Copy folder (it is not available on folder group). (wl-fldmgr-copy)
m W
Copy folders in the specified region. (wl-fldmgr-copy-region)
m k
Cut folder. Folder itself is not deleted. (wl-fldmgr-cut)
m C-w
Cut folders in the specified region. (wl-fldmgr-cut-region)
m y
Paste folders that are copied or cut (folders in the cut-list). (wl-fldmgr-yank)
m p
Put nickname on the folder. (wl-fldmgr-set-petname)
m q
Clear the cut-list. (cut, copied folder information is cleared, you cannot paste after this) (wl-fldmgr-clear-cut-entity-list)
m s
Sort folders in the current folder group. (wl-fldmgr-sort)
m C-s
Save current folder view to the `wl-folders-file'. (wl-fldmgr-save)

[Following commands are only available on the access groups]

m u
Set the visibility of folder (subscribe/unsubscribe). (wl-fldmgr-unsubscribe)
r u
Set the visibility of the folders (subscribe/unsubscribe) in the specified region. (wl-fldmgr-unsubscribe-region)
m l
List folders that are currently available. (wl-fldmgr-access-display-normal)
m L
List all folders regardless of the subscription status. (wl-fldmgr-access-display-all)

Customize variables

The initial setting is t. If non-nil and folder view is modified, confirm saving it before Wanderlust or Emacs exits. If nil, save without confirmation.
The initial setting is t. If non-nil, `~/.folders.bak' is created before saving the folder status.
The initial setting is wl-fldmgr-sort-standard. A function to sort folders. By default function, folders are sorted alphabetically and folder group is put on top (when wl-fldmgr-sort-group-first is non-nil).
The initial setting is t. If non-nil, wl-fldmgr-sort-standard precedes folder group. If nil, it does not care whether it is folder group or not.
The initial setting is t. If non-nil, check folder's unread status asynchronously. It boosts newsgroup checking.
The initial setting is nil. If non-nil, it does not update folder status while checking.
The initial setting is nil. If non-nil, negative value is displayed when the message is deleted. If sync, folder is synchronized when the message is deleted. If nil, message deletion is ignored.
The initial setting is nil. Non-nil means call elmo-folder-list-subfolders and get completion candidate for wl-fldmgr-add.


Following is a note for folder editing.

  1. cut or copy stacks the folder in the wl-fldmgr-cut-entity-list. paste(yank) command pastes the folders on one cut or copy command (If copy command is executed by region, folders in the region are pasted by one paste command)
  2. You cannot cut `Desktop' group. Also, you cannot paste folders at the outside of the `Desktop'.
  3. You cannot copy folder group.
  4. Operations on the access group are only available for the folders in the same access group.
  5. You cannot create a folder which has same name with the folders already exist.
  6. You cannot insert folders which have same name in one group. You can insert them in the different groups. You cannot put same nickname to the different folders.

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