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POP Folder

A folder to access e-mails via POP3 protocol (RFC 1939).


`&' [username][[`/' authenticate-type][`:' numbering-method][`@' hostname][`:' port]][`!']

You can specify `user' (plain password transmission) or `apop' (APOP authentication) as authenticate-type.

You can specify `uidl' (use UIDL command for message numbering) or `list' (use LIST command for message numbering) as `numbering-method'.


username   -> The value of elmo-pop3-default-user.
              Initial setting is @env{USER} environment variable or
             @env{LOGNAME} environment variable or return value of
authenticate-type -> The value of elmo-pop3-default-authenticate-type.
              Initial setting is `user'.
numbering-method -> Follow the value of elmo-pop3-default-use-uidl.
              If t, use UIDL for numbering. Initial setting is t.
hostname   -> The value of elmo-pop3-default-server.
              Initial setting is `localhost'.
port       -> The value of elmo-pop3-default-port.
              Initial setting is 110.


&hoge@localhost     -> access localhost as user `hoge'.
&hoge@popserver:109 -> access the server "popserver" on port 109
                        as user `hoge'.

To use apop as an authenticate-type, `md5.el' is needed (XEmacs doesn't need `md5.el'). `md5.el' is included in `utils/sasl/lisp/' or Emacs/W3 package (http://www.cs.indiana.edu/elisp/w3/docs.html) or LCD archive (GPL2).

If the last character of the folder name is `!', Wanderlust connects to the POP server via SSL (Secure Socket Layer). If you set non-nil value to elmo-pop3-default-stream-type, you don't have to put `!' in the end of the folder name to use SSL. If a folder name ends with `!!', STARTTLS connection will be established. if the value of elmo-pop3-default-stream-type is starttls, STARTTLS will be the default connection.

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