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Supported Archives

By default, following archives are supported.

        LHA, Info-ZIP/UNZIP, ZOO, RAR  ;; full-access
        GNU TAR('tgz, 'tar)            ;; read-only

If your archiver can include multiple files in one archive, you have a possibility use it as an archiver of Wanderlust (ARJ/UNARJ, ARC is one of the candidate. TAR is supported read-only because it cannot delete file in the archive (mv)).

@command{gzip}, @command{bzip}, @command{bzip2} cannot be used as an archiver of Wanderlust because they cannot include multiple files. Archivers that cannot extract files to standard output are also not supported.

OS specific information about archiver.

Behaviors of the following archivers are confirmed by further experiences. (`*' mark means recommended archiver).

[OS/2]  Warp4.0J(w/o VoiceType)+Fx00505/emx0.9c(fix04)/PMMule,EmacsPM
         LHA  OS/2 version Rel.2.06b    Feb 18, 1998
        *UnZip 5.32 of 3 November 1997, by Info-ZIP.
        *Zip 2.2 (November 3rd 1997).
         Zoo archiver, zoo 2.1 $Date: 91/07/09 02:10:34 $
         GNU tar version 1.10 - AK 2.58 (DBCS/SJIS) 981216(homy) version
         gzip 1.2.4 (18 Aug 93) + bzip2 patch(by Iida-san)

[UN|X]  FreeBSD 2.2.7-RELEASE, Linux 2.0.30, Solaris2.6, HP-UX 9.07
         LHa for UNIX  V 1.14c
         UnZip 5.32 of 3 November 1997
         Zip 2.2 (November 3rd 1997)
         GNU tar 1.12 (1.11.x is no good)
         gzip 1.2.4 (18 Aug 93)

[Win32] Win.98/Meadow
         Lha32 version 1.28
         Zip 2.2
         UnZip 5.40
         GNU tar 1.11.8 + 1.5(WIN32)
         GZIP 1.2.4
         RAR 2.06

* Caution about LHA

If you are an OS/2 user, Peter Fitzsimmons's LH/2 is not supported. Hiramatsu version of LHA is only supported. In Win32, LHa32 is only supported (DOS version is no good).

* Caution about GNU tar

You have to take care about GNU tar's version because many version has problem on deleting file from archive.

Please test @option{--delete} @option{-f} options work. Otherwise, your archive will be destroyed. No problem is reported on above versions of GNU tar.

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